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Panalyt People Analytics
“Panalyt is the only multi-source analytics platform in our study that also offers ONA to analyze digital collaboration and communication based on passive data.
The company further integrates sales and business data, allowing line managers to identify and focus on areas critical to them.”
Redtrread research
"Panalyt brings together classic HR data from the variety of systems traditionally used at organizations, with relational data from collaboration tools and business data."
David Green
Leading Global Analyst and Speaker on People Analytics and HR Digital Experience
"Panalyt can help you identify experts, knowledge networks, and team dynamics. Studies can show that span of control, management empowerment, and other managerial strategies have direct impact on business results - once you see what's going on."
Josh Bersin
Principal & Founder
Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLC

Relational Analytics

Analyzing your organizational networks can reveal how connected your employees are to the rest of the organization. Identify Engagement, Productivity, Burnout and Attrition risk factors to optimize the employee experience.
Panalyt People Analytics Analítica Relacional

Sales Effectiveness

The best sales teams focus on building effective relationships with their clients.
Predict the effectiveness of your sales team based on the customer responsiveness. Uncover hidden patterns like customer relationship strength, onboarding and communication activity.


Measure the risk of turnover and employee engagement in order to create a more effective retention plan.
Understand the drivers behind turnover and generate segmented analysis of your teams, with historical information and exit risks at the individual level.
People Analytics Rotación
People Analytics Reclutamiento


Gain an in-depth analysis of the factors that make your recruiting process successful.

Have full visibility of the recruitment process, generate analysis of future talent pipeline needs and early prediction of top performers.

Gender Diversity

Discover the impact of diversity and inclusion on business results and organizational culture.
Generate compensation analysis, gender gaps, turnover risks and internal benchmarks to facilitate understanding of the impact of your policies on employees.
People Analytics Diversidad
ONA Communication Activity 1 (1).png


Identify patterns in time management to minimize burnout risks or to improve your Home Office policies in relation to productivity and the level of employee engagement.


Obtain a comprehensive analysis t how you manage your employees' compensation budget to compete in complex and volatile environments.
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